August Newsletter: Summer of Social Justice

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The Teen Think Tank Project took its show on the road (literally!) this summer to Tuxedo, NY to spend six weeks with the socially conscious students of Tuxedo Union Free School District.  As part of the district’s Summer Bridge and Ed Camp Program co-founders Matthews DeSantis and Kelly Nagle are leading a cohort of high-achieving students to explore a variety of social justice issues and build the skills necessary to live and work in diverse communities. 

The students at Tuxedo have been nothing short of impressive! After spending six weeks of their summer vacation dedicated to becoming better civic participants, the cohort is planning an assembly to share their research and recommendations for change with their peers.

If you’re an educator interested in social justice, diversity and inclusion programming for your students, schedule a free info session with us!

The fall research cohorts will be tackling four major social justice issues with high-achieving students from around the country.  Cohorts are running from September 20 – December 17, 2021.

Enrollment is open and limited to 12 students per cohort. Apply before the cohorts are filled!

Climate Change Cohort: Fighting climate change and its impact on communities

Financial Security Cohort: Achieving economic security and fighting poverty

Health Equity and Healthcare Policy Cohort: Breaking down barriers to care in a complex healthcare system

Social Protest & Sports Cohort: Developing a blueprint to activate athlete voices

Visit our website, start an enrollment application or schedule a 30 minute information session.

Meet Our Agents of Change

Research Associate Reflections

Leah is a rising junior and summer research associate with the Financial Stability cohort.  Leah wants to solve real-world problems with likeminded people.  She’s also a classical pianist!

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