November Newsletter: Exercising Your Right To Vote

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“Someone struggled for your right to vote. Use it.” 

– Susan B. Anthony


Exercising Your Right to Vote

Program Manager of the Center of Youth Political Participation at the Eagleton Institute of Politics, Jessica Ronan, engages young people in the voting process.  Learn from Jessica about issues with equal access to the voting process and election integrity.  

From the desk of the Research Associates

Investigating the Hardships of Low Income American Families

The Summer Research Cohort ’21 published their research paper, “Effective Policy and Social Awareness: The Tools Against Financial Instability in America”, to breakdown the complex social, economic and political issues of poverty.

Student Spolight

Meet Jack Baranoski, Voting Rights Activist

Jack is a high school senior and alum of the Teen Think Tank Project. In the future, Jack hopes to combine his two main interests, politics and filmmaking, in a way that can better society. Jack’s extremely well-informed about voting rights and shares his knowledge on Here’s the Problem.

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