Everyday skills for extraordinary teen leaders!

Our Leadership Workshops are designed to provide teen leaders and aspiring change agents with the foundational skills they will need to embark on their personal, academic, and professional journeys.  These workshops are anywhere from 4 to 16 hours and provide teens with the communication, problem-solving, and communication skills necessary to maximize their growth mindset!

So, whether you have a passion for social justice, you are an aspiring lawyer, business professional, politician or human resources professional, or you are just interested in developing skills to help you become a better student, check out our current workshop offerings.  

Current Workshops

Introduction to Conflict Resolution for Teens

Program focus:  This course gives teenagers the skills necessary to identify and solve problems through mediation!  The week-long seminar guides high school students through the basic steps necessary to be proficient in peer mediation & interpersonal conflict resolution.  

Who will benefit?: Our program will benefit any high school student looking to improve their communication skills, boost their confidence, and learn problem-solving skills.  It is especially beneficial for students interested in pursuing studies/careers in communications, conflict resolution, law, business management, operations management, sales, or human resources.

What will they learn?: Students will engage in a curriculum that helps them 1) identify conflict, 2) utilize mediation techniques to solve everyday problems, 3) develop active listening skills, 4) identify and overcome impasse, and 5) respect the ethical considerations that come along with conflict resolution. 

Introduction to Conflict Resolution for Teens

Program focus: In this virtual, multi-day seminar, high school students will learn the basic leadership, communication, problem-solving, and conflict-resolution skills necessary to make the most of their high school experience.  This virtual camp serves as a great orientation for students looking to sharpen their leadership skills.   

Who will benefit?:  It is especially beneficial for rising first-year students looking to build their confidence as they enter high school.  This program is also helpful for upper-level students looking to run for student council, establish themselves as student body leaders, or ascend to leadership positions within the school community.  

What will they learn?:  Students will learn 1) the traits of an effective leader, 2)  identify the variety of communication preferences within their peer group, 3) work together to identify and solve problems, and 4) resolve conflict when it appears in a group setting.