July Newsletter: Introducing the Newest Cohort

Twelve research associates of the summer research cohort

The newest research cohort is in full swing. Twelve socially conscious, high achieving high school students started their 12-week fellowship on June 8th. The Summer Research Cohort will spend the next three months examining the struggles and hardships that low-income American families face and how education inequalities, underemployment, inconsistent health benefits, and institutional prejudices prevent individuals from escaping poverty’s grip.

The Summer Research Cohort has brought together high school students from California, Georgia and New Jersey with interests that range from coding to sports to medicine. Get to know our newest research associates.

Sports & Social Protest

What was different in 2020?

Social justice movements took a very visible leap forward in 2020, despite a global pandemic affecting games and seasons.  Mark Medina, National NBA Reporter for USA Today, shares his expertise and insights into why we saw new levels of social protest in sports and what it means for athletes using their voice for social change in the future. 

Students with arms around each other

Enrollment is open for fall research cohorts

Know an exceptional, socially conscious student looking to be a part of a high achieving community that’s creating change? Our Fall Research Cohorts are running from Sept 20 – Dec 17, 2021. 

Applications are currently being accepted and tuition scholarships are available.

Climate Change Cohort: Fighting climate change and its impact on communities

Financial Security Cohort: Achieving economic security and fighting poverty

Health Equity and Healthcare Policy Cohort: Breaking down barriers to care in a complex healthcare system

Social Protest & Sports Cohort: Developing a blueprint to activate athlete voices

Want to learn more about the Fall Research Cohorts?

Visit our website, start an enrollment application or schedule a 30 minute information session.

Stay Connected

In order to facilitate the goals of the Teen Think Tank Project and engage both our students and our listeners in socially relevant conversation, we’ve created this weekly podcast.

Our YouTube channel features video podcasts, animated shorts, program details, student presentations and social justice education content for a variety of audiences.

News, information, posts, and pics. Follow us @teen_thinktank is a great way to get to know the Teen Think Tank Project, our friends, and the work we do.

As an organization that focuses on social justice education, we have a plethora of resources available for administrators, educators, parents, and students.

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