Teen Think Tank Project Partners with Livius Prep to Expand Programming Opportunities to College-Bound Teens

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Asbury Park, December 7, 2023Teen Think Tank Project (TTTP) is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Livius Prep to enhance college preparation programming for high school students. This collaboration promises to provide a more comprehensive and holistic approach to helping students achieve their higher education goals.  Teen Think Tank Project alums and their families will gain access to Livius Prep’s 40 years of college admission counseling and test prep.  In turn, Livius Prep students can enhance their academic portfolio by accessing TTTP’s academic research program.   

Teen Think Tank Project is a research institute committed to empowering teenagers with opportunities for personal growth and professional development. TTTP’s dedication to equipping high-potential students with the skills, resources, and knowledge necessary for success aligns perfectly with Livius Prep’s expertise in college admissions consulting and test preparation.

“The Teen Think Tank Project launched with a singular focus, equipping teens with the skills and mindset necessary to address the social issues they will inherit because of the missteps of the generations that came before them.  We are an intensive academic program that uses fact-based dialogue, policy framework research, and professional networking to help teens develop the intellectual humility they will need on their personal and academic journeys,” said Teen Think Tank Project’s Founder & CEO, Matthew DeSantis.  “While we work primarily with college-bound teens, our expertise does not involve traditional college prep services.  College admission counseling, SAT/ACT prep, and tutoring are not services we can provide our students.  That is why I am thrilled we are partnering with Livius Prep, a leader in academic support, test prep, and college counseling.     

“Livius Prep is proud to partner with The Teen Think Tank Project. Together our organizations provide a robust set of resources to empower students’ personal and academic success in school and beyond,” said Livius Prep CEO, Kristi Davin, when asked about the partnership. 

Teen Think Tank Project is a student-run policy institute that fosters critical thinking, research techniques, and problem-solving skills to develop policy frameworks for real-life issues and empowers students to become changemakers. Teens find their voice and create change at www.teenthinktankproject.com or @teen_thinktank.

Founded in 1984, Livius Prep is a leading national college preparation provider. Our combination of time-tested methodologies, expert curriculum, and rigorous tutor training has allowed us to achieve amazing results for our students. At Livius Prep, our mission is to empower young minds with the knowledge, confidence, and skills they need to excel academically. Our team of experienced educators is here to provide personalized, one-on-one tutoring support. We believe that every student has the ability to succeed, and we’re committed to helping them unlock their full potential. From Kindergarten to College, we provide academic and test prep tutoring, as well as college counseling services to ensure our students achieve academic excellence and college readiness.


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