Making Change: Introducing Vaanya


Editor’s Note:  In this series, we meet the teen change agents of the Teen Think Tank Project community.  As part of our mission to empower teens, we provide them the platform to contemplate, investigate, and research the social justice issues they care about.  The first exceptional teen we will meet is Vaanya Salwan, a two-time alum of the TTTP’s Change Agent Academy.

We are Agents of Change

Breaking barriers. Fighting for change.  Striving for equality.  Empowering teens. These are our goals in the Teen Think Tank Project. 

My name is Vaanya Salwan, and I am the author of our newest series investigating the social justices that teens are care about. But, before we dive into mending our world, let me tell you a little about myself. 

Meet Vaanya Salwan

I am a sophomore in the Academy of Health and Medical Sciences at Somerset County Vocational & Technical School in New Jersey. I am a two-time member of  Teen Think Tank research cohorts: Health Inequality and Climate Change. I am passionate about making a change in our community, fighting social issues, and breaking boundaries, and I want to get my opinions out to the world. 

Besides making a stand, I enjoy volunteering in my community to help the less fortunate, reading, cooking, baking, playing the guitar, and swimming. I aim to become a cancer researcher and advocate for social injustices in the future.

Developing Voices

The Teen Think Tank Project has been one of the main ways I have been able to use my voice to speak out for the social issues we face today and a way I can relay my opinion for change in our world. Being part of two cohorts has enlightened me on issues our society faces today. I plan to use my knowledge as part of this TTTP to relay information to the community.  

I plan to do this by documenting my journey as a change agent here on the Teen Think Tank Project’s blog.  Using this platform, I will identify, highlight, research, and analyze the social injustices troubling teens like myself. So, please join me every month as I introduce the topics and discussions important to teen change agents; maybe together, we can find a way to fix them. 

Follow the Journey

Follow me on the first Wednesday of each month as I introduce a new article in a multi-part series that investigates social issues and the impediments that are preventing change.  

Next month I will look at the problems surrounding the climate policy in America.